Part 3, Continuum: The Persistence of Being




three type c photographs in handcrafted Brass Frames
 61.5 x 150.3 cm 

ED 5 + 1AP

please enlarge images for detail

The left panel of this photographic triptych was first presented as Continuum: The Persistence of Being Part 3 in Hazewinkel's multi-site installation project The Ongoing Remains (3 parts), originally commissioned by the Art Gallery of News South Wales for the exhibition The National 2019: New Australian Art.

Hazewinkel's materially diverse, spatially distributed project included sculptural elements installed in the AGNSW Vestibule and Entrance Courts and a cinema-scale video installation situated within the context of the 19th century sculpture collection in the gallery’s Grand Courts. The left image of this triptych was installed on the gallery's Lower Level 2 where it was the final artwork that visitors to the AGNSW experienced in the The National 2019: New Australian Art.

Please see documentation of the sculptural elements here.

Please see selected documentation of Parts 1, 2 and 3 with a text by Ross Gibson originally commissioned by AGNSW here.

Please note that an edited section of Part 2. Withness: A haunting the project’s 51. 19 min single channel video component will soon be available for viewing  of this website.