2010 - 2020


A decade in the making, this body of work continues Hazewinkel’s longstanding interests in the entangled relationships between the materiality of ancient objects, transgenerational collective memory and landscape.

Each of the photographs comprising this suite of ten brings together three images; two historically and materially related images of the same subject, and a seascape, landscape, or atmospheric condition from the Mediterranean region from where each of the subjects originate.

In the lower right margin of each photograph is a digitised reproduction of a late 19th, early 20th century gelatin dry-plate photographic negative sourced from the John Marshall Photographic Collection at the British School at Rome Archives. Marshall (1862-1928) acted as European agent of antiquities to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC between 1906 and 1928. The archival material used in this body of work was generated to support the commercial apparatus of Marshall's activities as an agent of the Met during the period that new-world institutions scrambled for old-world cultural legitimacy. The central image in each work represents the same subject photographed by Hazewinkel in the galleries of the Met in 2017. The contextualising landscapes, seascapes and atmospheres were photographed by the artist in each object’s region of origin.

See the Artworks/ Photographic page or click here to see the full suite of images and a collection of writings by the artist relating to each individual work.

See the Text page or click here for an electronic copy of the Journeys In The Lifeworld of Stones (Displacements I-X) catalogue, which includes the essay Presence Elsewhere by Paul G Johnston.