Curated by Amelia Wallin Speculative Everything concerned history, more specifically the disruption of history, a collapse of chronology, a reimagining of the past and the endless speculative possibilities that this creates. In her own words Wallin invited artists to ‘occupy the past and to insert their own agendas and their own personal histories into what has come before and to see what happens.’ Participating artists include Andrew Hazewinkel, Stella Rosa McDonald, nova Milne and SLUSH collective. 

Hazewinkel's contribution to the exhibition was the installation 12 Figures (after Niccolò) studies in collective anxiety (2014), it was the first iteration of a project the artist returned to over subsequent years, reworking, recasting and representing it several times. Here 12 misaligned unique-state casts taken from an 1885 copy of the famous 1432 terracotta portrait of Niccolò da Uzzano (attributed to Renaissance master Donatello) were assembled as a congress of fractured figures. Each fissured cast was presented on an elegant steel tripod, which the artist describes as their bodies. Entering the field of figures (each dimensioned at 170 x 30 x 30 cm) exhibition visitors became caught up in their fracturing field and implicated in sight lines exchanged between them.