NEW 14


Australian Centre For Contemporary Art

Hazewinkel's contribution to New 14 was an installation comprising three elements arranged before a shimmering graphite covered wall. The ensemble of sculptural, moving image and photo-mediated elements  (respectively titled A Site For Re-Recording History, Warrior A Warrior B and Suspicious Marble – Omphale), was collectively titled All In Time.

The central component of A Site For Re-Recording History (2014) was the charred framework of a 19th century writing desk that once belonged to the artist’s father. Another charred column-like structure intersected the desk’s absent writing plane from above. Placed in one of the the otherwise empty draws of this hybridised framework was a small piece of petrified wood. Suspended from the ceiling beside the structure was a sheet of sandblasted glass dimensioned to mirror the desk’s original leather writing surface. The glass functioned as a screen on which dissolved images of two Classical heroic male bronze figures known as Warrior A and Warrior B. Filmed by the artist during a period of conservation these temporarily prone figures seemed vulnerable, as if in a state of triage. Warrior A Warrior B (2014) was accompanied by an original score by J.David Franzke. Pinned to the wall beside the screen was the project’s third element, a photo-mediated work-in-progress. Composed of six animal hides each bearing the image of a little known female figure from Classical Antiquity that Hazewinkel sourced from a file labelled Suspicious Fakes and Forgeries in an archive in Rome. In Western tradition Omphale is the Lydian Queen to whom Hercules was enslaved to atone for killing his friend Iphitus. During the hero’s enslavement Omphale insisted on an exchange of garments and gendered roles in which she wears his lion-skin while he was required to wear women’s clothing and perform women’s work.

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