Shepparton Art Museum

Part of the Art + Climate = Change 2017 festival, Freshwater considered the ways in which water and natural waterways reflect cultural, political, ecological and economic realities. 

Hazewinkel’s contributions to the exhibition, the sixteen panel photographic work Domus sub/merge (2006-2009) and Turbulence (2007) a seven minute single channel projection with sound,  were presented alongside works by more than twenty contemporary Australian artists further contextualised by historic works from the Shepparton Art Museum’s Collection.

Freshwater drew attention to the ways in which water plays a role in forming and sustaining identity and in shaping our relationships with where and how we live. The exhibition confronted issues ranging from ecological concerns about rising salinity, healthy ecologies, refuse and waste, to the inevitable contest around sustainable balance between conservation concerns and agricultural needs. Freshwater highlighted the political dimension of waterways exploring how their fluid state has historically defined territories, delineated boundaries and acted as a staging site for political activism.

see Domus Sub/Merge here

watch Turbulence here