26 UNIQUE STATE casts on Steel bases
 TITANIUM pigment, gyPSum cement, mild steel

INDIVIDUAL FIGURES  176 x 33.6 x 33.6 cm
Overall dimensions variable

Hazewinkel’s multi-site installation project The Ongoing Remains (3 Parts), commissioned by the AGNSW for the exhibition The National 2019: New Australian Art, was dispersed across various locations throughout the Art Gallery of News South Wales.

Comprising twenty-six unique figures the project's sculptural component The Emissaries: Keepers of our Stories (Part 1) populated the gallery's neo-classical Entrance Vestibule and the adjoining modernist Grand Court.  Fifteen figures occupied The Entrance Vestibule, the Grand Court housed a another cluster of eleven figures.The two groups of figures loosely guided exhibition visitors toward the project's moving image component, Withness: A haunting (Part 2), a 51.19 minute single channel video projection presented on a large free standing screen within the context of 19th century sculpture collection in the gallery's Old Courts. The project's photographic component, Part 3- Continuum: The persistence of being, a digital Type C photograph in a handcrafted brass frame, was installed on the back wall of the exhibition's final room on Lower Level 2. Installed in this configuration The Ongoing Remains ( 3 Parts) was the first and last artwork experienced by exhibition visitors.

In her catalogue essay Black box logic curator Isobel Parker Philip  makes reference to the ‘the face-off between resilience and wreckage’ before going on to describe Part 1 - The Emissaries: Keepers of our Stories with the following. “Hard and soft, fragile and invulnerable, Andrew Hazewinkel’s work treads the same line. A series of identical busts of a Western European male becomes a constellation of patrician authority in the AGNSW’s Entrance Court. As you approach each figure, you realise their faces have been ruptured by fault lines, their aquiline noses out of joint. And then the busts are fractured even further. These stoic masculine statues, we discover, are not impervious to erosion.”

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