The Conversation - THE WHISPER - THE SILENCE


 powdered TITANIUM pigment, GYPSUM CEMENT, cut Agate, gold leaf , blackened steel

eleven figures 
Configured at three related sites

Individual FIGUREs 170 x 30 x 30 cm
overall Dimensions Variable

please enlarge images for detail

This body of work, commissioned by the Jackalope Art Collection, comprises eleven individual figures arranged into three configurations that suggest an unfolding intimate narrative.

The imaginary narrative is sparked within the social group context of eight figures represented by The Conversation. It then moves onto a more more intimate setting described by the two figures  of The Whisper. The narrative ends in the  private, internal  memory space suggested by the single figure representing The Silence

The Conversation, The Whisper, The Silence are permanently installed alongside other Jackalope Art Collection commissioned works by Emily Floyd, Rick Owens and Rolf Sachs at three related sites within the luxury boutique hotel Jackalope on the Mornington Peninsula.