presences (After Exhausted Nature)

2008 - 2018

  Gelatin Silver Photographs
40 x 40 cm

ED 3 + 1 AP

These images record marks made unconsciously by visitors to the collaborative exhibition Exhausted Nature created by Andrew Hazewinkel and Susan Jacobs. Central to the exhibition were two video works Sketch of Intent (12 attempts) and Inversion Apparatus (2 states), which centred on the artists’ attempts to use a lens of ice to focus the sun’s rays to start a fire. Requiring a darkened gallery space the artists sought a conceptually related solution. Using an oxyacetylene flame they applied a thick layer of carbon to the interior surfaces of the building’s windows.

Presences (after Exhausted Nature) was made by Hazewinkel at the end of the exhibition. The photographs record two types of unintentionally made marks. Some record the marks made by the bodies of visitors to the exhibition as they leant into or rubbed up against the blackened windows, others, more constellation like, document small explosive anomalies in the process the artists used to blacken the windows.

This suite of gelatin silver photographs evokes a nocturnal landscape. Open country, distant horizons, looming storms, burning tracks, solitary clouds, and constellations hanging low in the night sky. They suggest an elemental narrative, perhaps one as old as the landscape they conjure.


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