39 º 21'· 403 S 147 º 06' · 694 E  (I - IV)


ILFOCHROME photographs

100 x 100 cm

ED 3 + 1 AP

These highly reflective and richly chromatic photographs are seductive and cautionary. They were created for the exhibition What The Sea Never Told, Hazewinkel’s highly personal meditation on the 1892 drowning of fifteen young men from his boyhood hometown.

Representing the artist’s interest in the contemporary legacies of forgotten histories (recent and remote), What The Sea Never Told took as it’s point of departure the social response to the 1892 drowning of the young men, all members of the local football club who were returning by sea from playing a match against their district rivals. The project was realised through collaborations with sailing and fishing communities around Port Phillip Bay, the local historical society, and sports clubs around Australia.

This suite of photographs accompanied a 15 minute cinema-scale multi-channel HD projection filmed at, below and just above the surface of the sea at various locations. The precise location of the disaster site remains unknown. The title of these photographs refers to the location where they were captured, an area of sea from where the erratic weather pattern considered responsible for the tragedy emerged.


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